Request for any game and we’ll try to give it as soon as we can. Thanks

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  1. dennis says:

    if anyone could post the nsp for Neon Abyss, that world be greatly apriceated:)

    1. Romstorage says:

      It’s not available just yet

      1. dennis says:

        Oh alright I thought it was already released, sowwy 😀

          1. Dennis says:

            Thanks very much

  2. Azrial says:

    Hi, do you have Pangeon for the Switch, released 2 days ago.

    1. Romstorage says:

      It’s not available yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

    2. sillycoffeemug says:

      the 3.1.0 update for splatoon 2? either usa or eur

  3. MhysT says:

    Could you upload Just Shapes and Beats and its update NSP if there’s any? Thanks.

  4. Ronny says:

    Conduct Together
    Clubhouse Games
    Puyo Puyo Tetris
    Death Squared

  5. Stickboy says:

    Can you add The Elder Scrolls: Blades, in xci if possible?

  6. Szquant says:

    Could you upload Home Run High nsp? Thanks.

    1. Romstorage says:

      not available yet. I’ll post it as soon as i get it

  7. Kevin says:

    Elder Scrolls: Blades

  8. Azrial says:

    Elder Scrolls: Blades has to linked and connected to your Nintendo account to play, so it was never cracked, as 90% of hacked Switch owners are probably already banned, so it can’t be played.

  9. Navi says:

    Hello! Can you post the game “Fe” please.
    it will be nice. Thanks to you!

    1. Navi says:

      Thank you very much! \o/

  10. Test says:

    Battle cats jap latest update

  11. fruberit says:

    where is luigi’s mansion nsp?

    1. Romstorage says:

      added to the first party titles post

  12. hk says:

    The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

    1. Romstorage says:

      available in the ‘first party titles’ post

  13. josh says:

    does anyone have nsp for dead and beyond and nidhogg 2

  14. Vaddum says:

    Hi there!

    Could you please add the last [HOB: The Definitive Edition] then [To the Moon] update NSP files?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Vaddum says:

      [HOB: The Definitive Edition] -> Update 1.1.3
      [To the Moon] -> Update 1.6

      Thanks again 😉

      1. Romstorage says:

        To The Moon Update [v65536] and Hob The Definitive Edition Update [v1.1.3] added

        1. Vaddum says:

          Thank you SO MUCH!

  15. MhysT says:

    Could you please upload the NSP of Bendy and the Ink Machine (US) and its update NSP? Thank you.

    1. MhysT says:

      I saw the Base Game, but no update NSP. Please upload it. Thanks

  16. Lee says:

    Will you have crisis today?? TIA

  17. Hits says:

    Hello, could it be possible to have Steins Gates Elite in NSP format?

    Thanks a lot for the amazing site!

  18. Azrial says:

    Will you be getting Carrion soon?

  19. MhysT says:

    Could you please upload the NSP of Onimusha: Warlords? Thanks.

    1. Romstorage says:

      available in nanoroms

  20. MhysT says:

    Could you please upload Attack on Titan 2, its update and its DLCs? XCI’s on nanoroms but I don’t see the latest update file and DLCs. Thanks.

    1. MhysT says:

      Link is down over there too. It ‘d be great if you uploaded it on GDrive or just reupload it on OneDrive. Thanks.

      1. Romstorage says:

        nsp added both here and nanoroms. update, dlc and the final battle upgrade pack is in progress
        Edit: update, dlc and the final battle upgrade pack added with the post on nanoroms

  21. ZetaFX says:

    Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden – Deluxe Edition update

  22. MhysT says:

    Could you upload Remothered and its update NSP if any? Thanks.

  23. MhysT says:

    Can you upload Amnesia: Collection and its update NSP if any? Thanks.

  24. MhysT says:

    Could you upload Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its update NSP? Thank you.

  25. MhysT says:

    Please update the link for My Hero’s One Justice NSP and its update NSP. Thank you.

    1. Romstorage says:

      Added on first party/ dmca title post

  26. Rob says:

    Can we get “In The Hunt” NSP uploaded? I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Romstorage says:

      Arcade Archives IN THE HUNT added

  27. Hans says:

    Hi! Would you add “Merchant of the skies”, please?

    1. Romstorage says:

      It’s not dumped yet

  28. salem says:

    i want add “CAT QUEST 1” for switch please

  29. salem says:


  30. barry says:

    request goosebumps dead of night

  31. Obby Ashiofu says:

    Request collar x malice unlimited if it’s already out.

  32. William says:

    I like to request a game that came out on july 20 2020.Goosebumps Dead Of Night.
    im not sure why this game got skipped.I liked the 1st one good game this one got good reviews.can you please upload it thanks.

    1. Romstorage says:

      It’s not dumped yet

  33. raccoon says:

    hi, can you add “taiko no tatsujin nintendo switch version” with the dlc songs and “groove coaster wai wai party” with dlc songs

  34. bob says:

    Just a fan of your work

  35. William says:

    Request:Shaolin vs wutang please N thanc u

  36. barry says:

    please upload shaolin vs wutang…this looks like such a bad ass fighting game I’m talking even BETTER THEN MORTAL KOMBAT WHICH I AM SO SICK OF….THIS GAME REMINDS ME OF THE WUTANG GAME THEY MADE FOR PS1 back in the day.gotta have this game pleeeeease.thanks

  37. x23 says:

    collar x malice unlimited please, its been days and no where has it uploaded so i would really appreciate it

  38. Alan says:

    Railroad empire in NSP please

  39. William says:

    request Jets N Guns 2 thanks

  40. Gara Puto says:

    Looking for The Last Campfire, which just came out from Hello Games.

  41. Alexsander says:

    We are looking forward to the game World of Tanks Blitz. Until September 10, the promotion will be very grateful if you have time to post it!

    1. Azrial says:

      It’s a free to download games direct from the eShop, so you won’t see it leaked to a hack site, you do need a Nintendo account to play it too.

      1. Alexsander says:

        I can’t download it because I don’t have a console with eShop – I have an emulator for windows.

  42. Stickboy says:

    Can you add Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse: Part 1?

    1. Romstorage says:

      it’s not released yet

  43. William says:

    Request:Collapsed (e-shop) thanks

  44. Gabe says:

    Hi! Would you add Ary and the secret of season, please?

  45. Vaddum says:

    Hi guy!

    Could you add the last Oxenfree update (it seems to be the 2.6.5) please?

    Thanks a lot again!

  46. alqaida1 says:

    super mario 3d world for nintendo switch is out
    The down link is here
    Who has a link, please post me.
    Thank you

  47. Stickboy says:

    Could you add The Long Dark, was released today. Xci if possible.

  48. Txito says:

    The Long Dark, please. Thank you!

  49. AnotherWorld says:

    Requesting Ninjala’s [v131072] and [v196608] updates. Separated or/and Base + Update if possible. NSP or XCI.

  50. William says:

    request Biomas.nsp out was released today on the shop thanks

  51. Garaputo says:

    Hello! Looking for The Survivalists if possible. Thanks!

  52. Kevin says:

    The Survivalists, thanks.

  53. Noms says:

    Hidden Objects Collection

  54. Olliwood says:

    Has anyone dutch in game commentary dlc for FIFA 21

  55. raccoon says:

    can you add part time ufo please

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